• basic features
  • WebShellLite is a web interface tool with a command line, providing unix style functionallity for remote interaction with the host on which it is installed. It is like a file manager, but it executes most of the standard commands that are required in a web site support session, like cp, ls, cat, rm, mkdir.
    The file upload procedure, which requires the module, Copyright © 1993-1999 Steven E. Brenner, makes it really easy to upload the right files on the right place.
    The edit file functionallity is executed from a command line with the name of one of your favourite text editors: ed, edit, mcedit, vi, so you do not need to change your present habbits.
  • security
  • is this tool secure? No. The tool is not secure by default, but your server should be. As WebShellLite executes commands with the rights of the web application user, the tool has very limited rights if you want to perform system tasks, but they are quite sufficient for web site support.
    What can you do to protect it? Put it in a password protected location and use it wisely. If you are a system administrator and your web server is not secure, then you can be attacked with or without this tool. Use it to test your server and to see whether you have set the correct permissions for every system or other sensitive directory.
  • tips
  • - navigation is performed eighter visually through the browser pane, or using cd or chdir commands in the command line.
    - an easy way to upload a whole site or multiple files at once, is to make a tar file locally on your computer, then upload it to the site and untar the file remotely through the WebShellLite command line.
    - to edit "jaba.txt" type "ed jaba.txt" at the command line. Or "vi jaba.txt".
    - to return to WebShellLite from here click on the logo at the top of the page.
    - to get help... If you are reading this - you should have got help. But anyway, click on the logo on the top of the WebShellLite page, or type help or about in the command line.
  • (oh, I'd almost forgot) about
  • It has been both fun and necessity for me to write this tool.
    Many bugs, and examples of weak coding may be found throughout it. I personally prefer PHP, but this Perl version makes the tool available to those of you (of us), who occasionally rely on public hosting. And few hosts support PHP free of charge those days.
    Bug reports and any propositions are welcome.
    Contact me via e-mail: emerlothe

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